ABOUT ME – I am Jan Kapsenberg (born 1961, Geldrop) and have been photographing since I was 11 years old, started with a plastic camera from a Rijksdaalder (i.e. Dutch dollar FL2,50, the seablue Diana, again available for €39,-- or even more!

Via Praktica, P-thread-Pentax using digi-Pentaxen.

Because of my architecture and design background I am interested in the use of space vis-a-vis architecture. Environments, architecture, people and events often feature my photos.

I mentioned ‘Event Space’ and Bernard Tschumi in the Intro. ‘Architecture is created by events’ is a motto van Tschumi. I think that's right. For example in the MusicSummerAcademy all these aspects come together perfectly. And I would like to show that again with my photos. You could call it 'Ambient Photography'.

For my photos I use the name FotoSeq.NL, it comes from SequenziaDesign, the name I use for my design activities. It refers to the sequence and dynamics of spaces and events, to organic processes.

On photographing events I know well how these could be well integrated with the environment -

 Jan Kapsenberg.

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